Front of Casa Marcoleta in Leon, Nicaragua


This property boasts an exceptionally long street front and a wealth of interior space. Our own early experiences with lodging in León helped shape this unique design. While it’s nice to have neighbors, it’s even nicer when you know you can always find a quiet corner of your own. Add a restaurant or bakery in front and you have an ideal living situation!


From the street one sees four grand entrance doors (portónes), three of which open into the commercial portion of the house. This monumental front room (sala) is, in a word, gorgeous. The most notable feature is the intricate woodwork adorning the entire wooden ceiling and crown moulding. All has been restored to its original glory. From one corner of the space walk into a public restroom area, with two toilets, spacious vanity, and a walk-in shower/mop closet. The two high double doors that lead to the rest of the house can be easily closed off making this space completely self-contained. If so, entrance through the fourth big door in the street is possible for accessing the rest of the building. This last door can also function as a drive-in garage.

In the residential portion of the building, you first encounter a large garden and four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, two with lofts adding even more space. The open kitchen is built in the back breezeway. It overlooks the whole garden and the other breezeways. Behind the kitchen area, a beautiful, high double wooden door gives way to the second garden, or traspatio. In addition to these impressive wooden doors, there is also an exquisitely detailed iron gate. In the traspatio, you will find several mature fruit trees, including grapefruit, lime, 'apple banana', guava, and cacao.

In addition to the imposing wooden doors there is also an exquisitely detailed iron gate which when left open allows the breeze to pass through the entire house. The traspatio is ideal for a swimming pool and/or the construction of a large, completely separate apartment. The foundations, water, and sewer connections are already installed for such use.


This characteristic building is suitable for residential or for commercial use, most ideally for a combination of both. The original planning for this building was to have a restaurant in front, with three long-term stay rooms in the front garden area, and a completely equipped two-bedroom apartment in the back garden for families to rent. The smaller, fourth room was intended for a live-in manager of the rooms. The second garden is ideal for a swimming pool and/or the construction of a large, completely separate apartment; the foundations, water, and sewer connections are already installed should the new owner wish to construct this extra apartment.

The beauty of the concept is that residential renters can have an ocean of space in the beautiful breezeways and gardens, feeling very much at home in a 'real' house, while also having a couple neighbors with whom to interact. The long sala facing the street would be an ideal site for a restaurant and the proximity to several hostels would guarantee traffic.

All the technical installations (electricity, water, sewer, cable in all rooms) are completely new. Attention was given to making sure that heavier commercial use (water, electric supplies) could be employed.


$275,000 USD


  • Real estate perfect for home, business, or both!
  • Original design, original details
  • Separate commercial space with bathrooms
  • Four bedrooms with private bath
  • All rooms cable tv/internet connections
  • Large open kitchen
  • Two gardens with several mature fruit trees
  • Garage


Coming soon...


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