Craftsman working on the restoration of Casa Marcoleta in Leon, Nicaragua


Between 2007 and 2011 all three buildings underwent complete and very precise restorations. The work was expensive and painstaking, but well worth the results. The restorations were all done according to the original design with use of original materials and techniques.

In the past, houses had been divided into two or more residences (Casa Marcoleta), and gardens were built over with steel and concrete as were many of the breezeways (Casa La Rosita, Casa Marcoleta). Finding the original design underneath all the construction was sometimes as much of a challenge as restoring original details that did belong there.

In the restoration process, all non-original additions were removed, bringing the buildings back to their original structure and floor plan. Roof constructions were restored with wooden beams and the entire roofs were all completely replaced. All walls and floors were restored with original materials and techniques. Notice in the video the checkered floors that are such a standard design in these old homes. Where chunky concrete posts substituted as columns, new columns were fitted and custom built to match originals.

Not everything in these three houses is old, however. All technical installations were newly put in, as were kitchens and bathrooms. In all three cases, there is sufficient plumbing and electric infrastructure to support restaurant use.

If you are looking for real estate in León, Nicaragua, surely one of these colonial houses is right for you!